Friday, 27 July 2012

Cabinet Reshuffle on Bowling Green Road

It was a simple task.  Replace the old rusty green telecoms cabinet (23) with a brand new one in the same place!

So how did we end up with three cabinets you ask?  The replacement cabinet was positioned on the footpath close to the junction of Bowling Green Road and Mersey Way. Motorists coming out of Mersey Way, quite rightly complained that the cabinet was blocking their view of traffic from the right and there had been some dangerous near misses. Meanwhile a new even larger cabinet appeared close to the fence!

I have emailed the contractor regularly over the last four months, pressing them to remove the offending cabinet on the footpath.

One day we will come home to find the reshuffle has taken place and the junction will be safe for traffic again. But why is it taking so long? Only a private contractor will have the answer!

Cut Engine - Cut Pollution

If you get caught up in a queue, waiting for the barriers to open at the Thatcham level crossing, you will now see green signs strapped to lampposts inviting motorists to 'Cut engine - Cut pollution'.  There are two green signs on both approaches to the crossing.

I spoke to one motorists who kept the car engine running and pointed out the signs to her. She said that the signs were so small that she had not seen them.  So, please look out for the signs on your next trip and tell all your motorist friends.


Thursday, 26 July 2012

Greenfield site saved from development -Tull Way

I have just seen a report from our planning officer refusing outline permission for a 90 home development, just north of the Thatcham garden centre with access off Tull Way. 

I presented a 424 signature petition against the development, to the West Berkshire Council Executive meeting on the 14 June, on behalf of the petition organiser Mrs Lisa Burgess. 

The petition header commented 'The views across farmland to the rolling hills are outstanding and maintain a green lung between Thatcham and Newbury. If allowed to go ahead the homes would increase the pressure on doctors, dentists, schools and the local road network.' 

The petition organiser has worked tirelessly on behalf of the community to keep this greenfield land from being developed.


Thursday, 12 July 2012

Olympic torch lights up Thatcham

I joined a huge crowd of flag waving mums, dads and children, to watch the Olympic torch procession go by. We got a good view standing in the line just south of the Henwick sportsfield. I heard one excited child shout out to her mother "mum, they are selling flags for free" and an older lady told me that she didn't realise Thatcham had so many police officers!

This was a really memorable occasion for the town.       

Call for safer crossing on garden centre roundabout

In recent months, I have taken photographs of vehicle crashes on Tull Way & Bowling Green Road.
I have asked the council to take urgent action to reduce the danger this poses to pedestrians, especially for children walking along the A4 to Trinity School, using the garden centre roundabout. 

A Thatcham resident has raised concerns about this issue, in the NWN 21 June 2012 on the Thatcham page.