Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Crashes on 'northern distributor road' continue - Unacceptable!

Yet another vehicle loses control, demolishing a road sign and hitting a brick wall belonging to a resident in Bowling Green Road.

Fortunately the wall did not fall down causing further damage to the residents property, but two large cracks have appeared in the wall and this means that it will have to be replaced at considerable expense.
Another crash in  Bowling Green Road.

Garden Centre Roundabout.


Tull Way.

A car mounted the grass and headed for the lamp-post in BGR!

Tull Way.

So it had to be replaced!
Ford Ka collided with pedestrian refuge and rolled over in BGR.

Just when you think you have seen it all, a resident will tell you about another crash that has taken place!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

How fast is traffic moving in Bowling Green Road?

Tuesday morning 15 October between 10am -12am, I met up with Cllr Brian Barnes and Cllr Phoenix Dewdney from Thatcham Town Council, to record vehicle speeds in Bowling Green Road. Brian & Phoenix are qualified to operate the Speed Indicator Device (SID).

I was particularly surprised at the speed of some lorries and delivery vans, some were hitting 36 mph! The highest speed for vehicles eastbound was 45 mph and for westbound it was 40 mph!

Many drivers slowed down when they saw the Speed Indicator Device flash up their speed and hopefully the next time they come through Bowling Green Road, they will remember to keep to the 30 mph speed limit.

Local residents continue to express their fears about the speed of vehicles and the number of crashes taking place in the area. These speeds are far too high for the safety of other road users, pedestrians and children, especially when parents are walking their children to school along narrow pavements.

I have repeatedly asked WBC to install 24 hr speed enforcement cameras on Bowling Green Road and requested the attendance of the council funded Road Safety Constable, to use a laser gun to catch speeding motorists but all this has fallen on deaf ears.