Friday, 8 May 2015

The last day as District Councillor for Thatcham West!

 May 7 2015 was to be my last day in post as District Councillor representing Thatcham West.

I got involved in local politics in 1979, the year after we moved to Thatcham. A resident knocked on our door asking us to sign a petition urging the council to speed up the completion of a pavement in Bowling Green Road, as a motorbike had hit a pushchair in the road killing the baby. 

Following this terrible incident I joined Thatcham Town Council and later became Mayor of Thatcham. More recently I moved to West Berkshire Council and took on the role of Opposition Spokesperson for Highways & Transport. On May 7 2015, I lost my council seat for Thatcham West. 

I have met some amazingly hard working people over the years who dedicate their life to helping others in our community and I would like to thank them all for making Thatcham a better place to live. 

I have had a fantastic time in local politics although most of the time it was about getting the job done and less about politics! I would like to dedicate this blog to the baby who was killed in 1979. 

Those sight-lines Thames Road - Bowling Green Road!

Cutting back the vegetation to improve the sight-lines for motorists coming out of Thames Road onto Bowling Green Road!

Motorists have a difficult time getting out of Thames Road onto Bowling Green Road at the best of times with the speed of traffic coming from their right. I called in the contractors to cut back the vegetation but they didn't cut it back enough so I got the hedge trimmer out and cut back a lot more! Now the sight-lines to the right are much improved and road safety is less of an issue. Job done!