Thursday, 31 January 2013

Snow & Ice Clearing - Mersey Way

The Snow was slowly clearing but left treacherous black ice on the road surface at the junction of Mersey Way and Bowling Green Road. 

My car got stuck on the ice as I was trying to turn left into Bowling Green Road. Not a happy place to be!

Over two days I chipped away at the ice on the road and cleared some snow from the footpaths.

I have emailed Thatcham Town Council and asked them for a grit bin to be sited on the grass nearby, similar to the one below, although this one looks like a converted loo! We could have more snow in April!

The Speed of Light!

Late one evening over the Christmas festive period, a car mounted the kerb in Bowling Green Road, did a u turn over the grass and demolished a lamppost close to the footway/cycle way.

Shortly after hitting the lamppost the occupants of the car were seen to get out, inspect the damage, and carefully drive away. 

This is just another non injury accident that will not feature in any statistics and therefore will not be used as evidence for 24 hour speed enforcement on Bowling Green Road!