Thursday, 17 July 2014

Council Policy for repairing potholes - 'Give us a clue'!

Ok, the clue is a Pizza Box, by means of an illustration! The measurement inspectors use for repairing a pothole is around 300 x 300 x 50, which is pretty close to the size of a Pizza Box. This means as many residents point out to me, that anything smaller and close by, that will inevitably get larger very soon, will be ignored at the time!

This is one I made earlier!
Council Policy!

So they fix two potholes the size of a Pizza Box and leave the others!

But this morning more yellow markings arrived to repair more Pizza Box size potholes!

Residents are still wondering why the smaller surrounding potholes are not repaired at the same time as the Pizza Box size ones, as they are equally dangerous and can also cause expensive damage to your car or cycle. Why not repair the whole section in one go? 'Do if right first time' as the government guidance tells us!

But in respect of Tull Way, featured above, a highways department source told me 'this section will be prioritised along with other similar sections of road across the district for possible inclusion in this year's emerging machine patching programme'.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

We are 'blest' in 'Thatcham West' - Family Fun Day!

Henwick Worthy Sports Field hosts a wide variety of exciting sports activities for all ages. Each year we hold the Thatcham Family Fun Day at the end of sunny June!

All the fun of the fair!

Lots of interesting stalls to visit

'Service, Civility & Satisfaction' it says on the side of this van!

Vintage cars.

Triumphant cars!!

And of course, Lula our Maltese, getting ready for the dog show!!

We are 'blest' in 'Thatcham West' - Nature Discovery Centre!

If you go down to the Nature Discovery Centre, you are sure of a surprise!!

Education Centre - Coffee Shop - Meeting Room

Take the babies................

...................for a walk

.................and meet up with old friends and family!

Still asking drivers to slow down on BGR!

I don't want to see anyone caught speeding in BGR!
Residents are still demanding action against speeding motorists in Bowling Green Road. Hopefully these signs will attract the attention of some drivers and they will cut their speed down to 30 mph!

Four signs to go!


Why not do the whole job properly - Tull Way?

A Thatcham resident emailed me to ask if I had seen the way the contractors had part repaired the road surface on Tull Way, just above the Thatcham Garden Centre Roundabout. Well I had been keeping a keen eye on the repair process and took some photos!  Firstly, a large area of the road surface had been in a poor condition for some time. To my amazement only two small areas were marked out in yellow spray paint then nothing happened for a while. Then only two small areas were squared off and repaired. So the big question is...why didn't the contractor simply repair the whole of the damaged road surface at the same time because it will have to be done sooner or later? Meanwhile our tyres and suspension will receive a battering and add to the cost of motoring!

Tull Way south bound to Garden Centre Rounabout

Two small areas identified for repair
Only two small areas repaired.