Thursday, 18 April 2013

Prioritise pothole repairs NOW!

Potholes are appearing in high numbers across the district. This is causing expensive damage to emergency vehicles, buses, vans and taxis, and of course to our own cars.

                                       Enborne Road with new chicanes & dangerous potholes. 

The Council needs to suspend all non urgent highway schemes to fund pothole repairs urgently.

Parking on Crookham Hill!

I have always admired the scenery around Crookham Hill, but I didn't expect to see it from one point in the road for 40 minutes!

Looking Back up Crookham Hill toward the junction of Bury's Bank Road.

No the EU haven't changed the legislation forcing us to drive on the right (yet), it is a mirror image.

Looking toward the level crossing at Thatcham Station and thinking of a 'Bridging Loan'.