Friday, 6 March 2015

Flood protection measures north of Tull Way

Following the major floods in 2007, a planning application has been submitted to West Berkshire Council for a flood bund north of Tull Way.

"This bund  will hold water back temporarily at times of exceptional volumes of surface water run-off, which the drainage system cannot immediately cope with. The bund will then release the stored water into the existing drainage network over a longer period, thereby allowing time for better management of these exceptional volumes of water."

Congratulations to all those members of the Thatcham Flood Forum based at Thatcham Town Council, who have worked so hard  over many months to get this project underway. I am sure that all the residents who were flooded in 2007 (my family included) will be extremely grateful.

Parents alarmed at school traffic - Parsons Down Junior School

Vehicles park illegally at entrance to Parsons Down Junior School

Just having a look at the situation

That's what is says!

This is where it is!
This could be a new area for parents to park or drop off their children, between the school and Lower Way. I will speak to the highways department at West Berkshire Council and ask them to carry out a feasibility study.

This Park & Stride facility for Parsons Down Junior School, delivered by the Conservative Administration, based at the Discovery Centre is not working. Parents complain that shoes and clothes get covered in a yellow slime!