Thursday, 18 October 2012

Family pets killed on Bowling Green Road


My close neighbours are holding four caskets containing the ashes of their family cats, all sadly killed on Bowling Green Road. 

Whilst the families grieve for their loss, they told me of their real concern for the safety of pedestrians and especially children walking to school along this busy road. A lack of driver concentration or simply speeding has contributed to so many vehicle accidents in this area. 

I will continue to pressure West Berkshire Council to install speed cameras so that we all have a chance of crossing the road safely.


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Find the Adult Gym at Henwick Sports Field

Just beyond the pavilion on the Henwick Sports Field, there is a row of strange looking adult gym aparatus. I tried this one which is said to be good for the hips. A passer-by took the photograph and kindly helped me down to planet earth after about 5 minutes of swaying happily back and forth. Actually, I did feel better for it!