Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Proposal for a BMX Track at Henwick Sports Ground

Potential site for BMX Track at the south side of the Sports Ground.
Earlier in this blog I reported on the family and friends of Tom Slater gathering at the sports ground on 19 May, to give 29 cyclists a big send off for the long fund raising ride to Paris. The Tom Slater fund has exceeded all expectations and has now reached well in excess of £30,000. The money will go to local projects including the desire for a BMX Track at the sports ground.

The Joint Management Committee (JMC) responsible for running the sports ground is expecting to consider a proposal to site a BMX Track on the south side of the sports ground.

 Henwick Sports Ground supports major sports activities for the community.


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  1. Come on Councillor, let's get it done. It's a great idea that will benefit many and leave a fabulous legacy for a lovely young man. Prove to u s local politics can work. All those in support will be very grateful.